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Established  in 1963 by the  Foreign  Nationals  and then became a member  of ‘Al Barami  Group of Companies’,   a  100%  Omani   company   in  1976 under  the able  leadership   of   Mr. Salem  Bin Ahmed Bin Khalfan Al Barami, Chairman  & CEO.

Global  Chemicals  &  Maintenance  Systems  LLC,  Known  also  as GLOBAL,  has  been   providing Management,   Operation,  Maintenance,   Engineering,  Procurement,   Construction,  training     and other
Electro-Mechanical,  Civil  Services  to Ministry  of Electricity  &  Water,  Ministry  of  Defense, Ministry  of Health,  Ministry  of Agriculture  & Fisheries  in the  Sultanate  of  Oman since  1976.  In line  with  the Omanization  policy,  of the  Government,  GLOBAL  has provided  and continues  to provide effective and productive hands on training services to Omani  Nationals.

GLOBAL  employs  over  1000 people  including more  than  40 Engineers  and has  established  itself as  the  market leader   in  the  field  of  Electro-Mechanical   contracting   company   and  executed several prestigious projects.

GLOBAL      provides     qualified      and      experienced     Erection,      Commissioning,      Operation     and Maintenance Specialists, Engineers, technicians, managerial  staff and other related  professional staff to meet  the demand from government and industry for qualified  and  cost effective EPC,  O & M of electro-mechanical plants and utilities.

GLOBAL  maintenance system has proven to be effective over the past three decades;  applying the  up-to-date Technology  of  Computerized   maintenance   planning   and   condition  monitoring based maintenance to achieve the highest level of availability &  reliability  of the equipment  and cost effective  operation.  In addition  to that GLOBAL  and  its  managers have many affiliations  and resources which will  be called upon in response  to customer requirements.


      Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Power Plants

      Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants

     Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Desalination Plants

      Operation & Maintenance of Desalination Plants

      Operation & Maintenance of 11/33/132 KV Substation & Scada Systems

      Maintenance Services of Electro-Mechanical  Plants/Equipments at Hospitals

      Emergency  & Maintenance of 11/33/132 KV Transmission Lines

      Live & Dead  Line Washing of 11/33/66 KV Distribution Line Insulators  Networks

      Chemical  Supplies

      Manpower Supply of Highly Competent  Technical and managerial  Staff

      Training (Providing Technical & Managerial  Training – all levels)


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